Friday, April 3, 2009


Trinkets are wonderful little things that I like to keep several of handy. Seriously. I switch my trinkets out more times than...well. Er. I change them alot. Right now, my bags contain: The Egg of Mortal Essence, Majestic Dragon Figurine, Spirit World Glass, Mark of the War Prisoner, Soul of the Dead and the Forethought Talisman. If you look through this list you may notice that a few, ie- Soul of the Dead and Mark of the War Prisoner, are probably more geared towards dpsers or, at least, not Holy Priests. Mark is for MCing. Otherwise, it stays in my bag. However, I really like Soul of the Dead.

As I think I've said before, I'm weird. Haste is not my friend. I love Crit. This will probably change with 3.1, but for now it suits me pretty well. This happy little trinkets ends up giving me maybe 5% total mana regained after a Naxx run. No, it's not much, but I do feel that I benefit more from it than I would with say...the Spirit World Glass or Dragon. Yes, Spirit is wonderful. It is the foundation block for all that is Holy Priest healing. But if MP5 is not an issue for you, then the sp gained really...doesn't cut it. It a preference thing, I suppose. I prefer-crit.

So, my normal set of trinkets is Soul of the Dead and the Forethought Talisman. For Loatheb, I switch to Soul+Egg. For really long fights, Dragon+Spirit World. If I had Illustration of the Dragon Soul then I would use it...pretty much all of the time. But, as it is a much sought after item, I have yet to nab it.

Different trinkets are better for different things. That's why you have two slots, and lots of options to choose from. No single trinket is completely better than any other trinket. If you prefer one stat to the next, then use the ones that meet your needs. Most loot lists don't rank trinkets- they simply list the ones that could be beneficial. If you use a list that does, don't take it for absolute truth.