Friday, March 13, 2009

3.1 Opinions

Looking at the 3.1 changes, there are lots of good things in store for us Priesty types. Seems like Shadow is actually getting the biggest buff PvE//P wise. Spirit Tap is improved, DoTs crit more often, Shadow form reduces spell dmg...lucky folks. Holy gets some much needed mana cost reduction for our Nova, and Divine Spirit! Disc gets a super shield, making them all the more PvE viable. I could list the tons and tons of changes to each tree, but it's much easier to just look at the patch notes.

I'm curious, though. How do you guys think this will change our current play-styles, if at all? I think Holy is going to be better AoE healers, and Disc will continue to be its shield popping self. Shadow might be the spec of choice for you avid guys were already practically wearing plate @.@...but how will it affect you?

I need to find a new place to stick my Improved Holy Conc points, but I think the change is definitely worthwhile. Greater Heal will most likely become my cast of choice, since it won't be as much of a mana sucker. I'm thinking about dropping Test of Faith, too. I really only nabbed it for the crit >< If anyone is aware of a new tree floating around, please, let me know so I can play around with stuff =]

What do you think?