Thursday, May 7, 2009

It's been a while since I posted, mostly because my Internet is on the fritz, but also because I wanted to 'test the waters' of new Holy Priesting in Ulduar.

At my current gear level, and with us only having downed 10 man Mimiron, mana is once again an issue. At least it is for my play-style. I don't like to sit back and wait for the perfect opportunity to cast a greater heal. I don't care about the 5SR. This is because these tools are for healers of the vanilla days; I like to cast, and cast, and cast, and cast, and cast...until either the boss, tanks, or myself are dead. If someone dies because I didn't heal them, it will not be because I waited too late.


Ulduar. Mana. Yeah.

On longer or more intense boss fights, like XT and assembly right now, I probably oom at around 20%. The others, I can manage to keep a bit of mana all the way through. My conclusion: when I get Ulduar gear, I can breeze through Ulduar just as Naxx. But for progression, I bring my mojo flask, my cuttlesteak, my oh-so-Holy-packed-with-spirit-and-mp5 gear. I use my Dragon trinket, my spirit world glass, and sit just below the druid on the healing charts. My overhealing is at a decent spot. I'm...ok. I'm not overpowered. I'm not in serious need of buffage. I am perfectly content with where Holy Priests are right now. Healing naxx is boring because the tanks can sit there with a PW:Shield on and maybe lose a thousand health. Healing ulduar is fun because there are upgrades and interesting boss fights and I actually have to pay attention. I am not Azeroth's best healer. But I can heal Naxx 25 while watching House and drooling over Hugh Laurie. mmmmmm hugh laurie

As for everything else.

-I love the new Renew. LOVE. The new renew. Thank you Blizzard.
-I love Holy Nova's buff. I actually use it now.
-The Prayer of Healing buff is awesome, but kind of annoying.
-WTB: Better Priest glyphs.
-I miss Imp Holy Conc.
-I miss being able to spam Flash Heal and stay alive longer in SoR.
-WTB: More healers so I can have fun being shadow and nuking things- with DoTs that freaking crit, hecks yeah.
-Oh, btw, The Ides of March on Hyjal is now recruiting DPS of all sorts to pad in some numbers for 25 man Ulduar. We've the 25 on maybe 2 nights a week, but more DPS is more DPS. Send tells to Faeris (me) or Joms. We could use a tank or two maybe, but we don't want to gear you. No lie.



Anonymous said...

i used to be? hardcore in wow. but you guys actually farm them yourself?
you should check out